Tape-In Extensions are comfortably secured by a non-slip, medical grade adhesive. The tabs stay locked in place until ready to be removed. Made of 100% Virgin Hair, Tape-In Extensions offer a variety of lengths and beautiful colors that will provide you with the luxurious hair you’ve always wanted.

weight: 40 grams per order. We recommend a minimum of 3 packs for an entire head.

Installation: Takes 10-30 minutes for a full head application


please specify what color in notes you are ordering. Hair ranges from #1b (dark brown) to a #2 which is medium brown and #4 light brown. When ordering Virgin Hair please keep in mind no two donor colors are the exact same.

Texture: Hair comes straight or wavy. 


HOW MANY PIECES ARE RECOMMENDED FOR A FULL HEAD? (For tape hair) 120g of hair minimum)

Here are the following details of how many pieces that are recommended when purchasing the following tape hair.

40 gram pack:

Many people often inquire about 40 gram packs as this is the cheapest available pack. These are ONLY considered a ‘booster’ pack for those who already have tape extensions and want a few new pieces or need extra volume. A 40 gram pack will NOT be enough for any hair type as this will only make ten sandwiches of hair. (When applying for tape extensions, two pieces are sandwiched at the root over sections of your hair)  As you can probably imagine, a 40 gram set will not be enough for a full head of hair.

2 orders of 40 gram pack:

The least amount of pieces we recommend for all customers is our 80 gram packs (2 orders). This pack is enough for thin to normal hair types and is ideal for ladies with fine hair. A 80 gram pack is considered a standard amount of tape hair extensions, as many people find they use between 30-40 pieces. This, of course, creates 20 sandwiches of hair for a full volume. If your own hair is shorter than shoulders length, we do recommend more than 80 grams.

120 gram pack: 

A finally, the 120 gram pack (3 orders). This amount is perfect for those with thick hair or wants to add a lot of overall volumes. For those whose natural hair is medium/thick or have quite a coarse hair type, this pack is perfect. We usually recommend this option when we get asked how many pieces of tape hair extensions for a full head of hair. This will obviously create 30 sandwiches which are a lot to hold if your hair is not super thick. Our 60 piece sets will create a full overall look with extra thickness and super volume. We do not recommend more than 60 pieces and will not tolerate neglect of overuse.
Your hairstyle and cut are very important when blending tape hair extensions. It does not only depend on how many pieces you purchase for a full head. If you are struggling to make your extensions blend, your hair should usually always be thinned out towards the ends. This can be achieved with the use of layers or specific cutting techniques. Having thinner ends in your natural hair will create a seamless blend and no harsh lines where your natural hair ends.